Front or back flips are possible - if you are capable!


Bounce and fly only as high as you feel comfortable!

Jump, Bounce, Flip & Fly with the EuroBungy!


EuroBungy is a super-bouncing bungee trampoline experience. "Fly" over 25' in the air while safely and securely harnessed. Bungee cords adjusted by your weight to maximize your "flight". Up to four bouncers at a time.


We are fully insured and use only the SAFEST trampolines: Rave Mfg. "bongo style" inflatable trampolines.

Beware of less-safe metal frame trampolines!


  • Many insurance companies will not insure metal frame trampolines.
  • Higher off the ground than inflatable trampoline = risk of falling.
  • Risk of impact injury on metal frame.
  • Risk of falling if someone tries to use the metal frame trampoline without being harnessed.


EuroBungy participation not limited by age, but by weight:


Weight restrictions: 25 to 225 lbs. We have had "bouncers" 2 to 70 yrs old. You'll get lines of both adults and children wanting to jump on the EuroBungy!


EuroBungy is very portable:


  • Delivered on a small trailer
  • Set up in about 1 hour
  • Preferred footprint = 50' x 50'
  • Site must be relatively flat
  • Can set up on grass, pavement or gravel

          With 25' clearance, can be set up inside

  • Operates on 110 v, with min. of 30 amps electricity

          - can be a utility hookup or generator



"Having a party or event in Northeast Tennessee or Southwest Virginia?"

Call early to ensure you get the unit you want!

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